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Industrial Fans
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Industrial Fan Manufacturers and Reps.

Bellevue                     David P Wilson Co Inc       206-462-0624

Bellevue                     David W McKenzie Inc       206-454-4666

Bellevue                     Norby Company        206-828-6636

Bellevue                     Peter Kalby Co      206-746-9781

Bellevue                     W McKenzie David Inc       206-454-4666

Everette                      Eylander Electric       206-259-2161

Kirkland                     Air Engineering Corp       206-820-2202

Seattle                        Air Tec Co Inc       206-763-9911

Seattle                        Argo Blower & Mgf Co Inc       206-762-9336

Seattle                        Coast Products        206-285-5120

Seattle                        Johnson-Barrow Inc      206-284-1476

Shoreline                   The Cottinham Company       206-367-0400

Spokane                     Air Equipment Inc       509-535-9093

Spokane                     General Sales Co Inc      509-328-8600

Spokane                     Nelson Mechanical Equipment Co      509-747-3296

Spokane                     Vemco        509-534-9533

Warden                      Custom Chemical Co Inc      509-349-8900

Woodinville              Baxter Air Engineering       206-486-6666

Yakima                        Hurricane Fans Inc       509-452-6143


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